Monday, November 2, 2009

Women vs. Men

What kind of image are women expected to maintain? How is this comparable to men? Many women go to lengths that seem just as extreme as men to get and keep the body they want and nothing harsh is said.

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  1. Men vs. Women is a very large name there. Besides the obvious, why are men and women so competitive if it is a mans world? Or are we competitive? 25% of women who do the same job as men get paid less, are we just not physically strong enough to handle the money or something? The differences in our wants is gigantic. We want the choice to eat chocolate and buy shoes whereas men want to be the star athlete and ummm... you could probably answer that for me. As obesity in America is rising, who is getting blamed for eating out? What are the statistics of diabetes within gender. Do those who are more active have healthier mental states? My brother and wife both coach gymnastics, and she is sometimes picked on by the better girls of the gym. What do you think?