Friday, October 23, 2009

What is a prohormone?

With this blog and essay I intend to examine why prohormones and other bodybuilding supplements should or should not be legal. Almost everyone I talk to about this subject starts with the same question, what is a prohormone??? explains them in detail as well as all of their medical uses. To sum it up, though, a prohormone is a substance that is a precursor to a steroid, and the specific ones used for bodybuilding are intended to increase the body’s supply of testosterone. Because of the way these substances produce the testosterone, they are not considered steroids and were sold legally over the counter at almost any supplement store. Very recently, the FDA took action against the selling of these products and made all of them illegal. Their reasoning behind this was that they are harmful to the liver and can disrupt the body’s natural hormone levels.
Though the FDA’s claims are based on fact, when prohormones are used properly they have a very minimal adverse affect on the body or even none at all. After completing a whole 6 week cycle of a very popular prohormone, I got an examination to check for any complications it might have caused. My liver was found to be 100% flawless, and my testosterone level was actually significantly above average. My experience was very similar to everyone I know who has taken one of these testosterone stimulants, so I haven’t seen much harm in their use.


  1. These sound like a weird drug. Why do men want to increase testosterone levels? Maybe some envy of women and “the pill” filled with estrogen? Birth control recently has been blamed for birth defects of baby boys with low testosterone levels because of the recycled plastic being recycled with high levels of estrogen from the water of our society. What will taking Pheromones do to the body in the future? Will your homemade levels of testosterone decrease because the body feels like it doesn’t need to make it any more? How popular is the drug?

  2. There's a lot of misconceptions about steriods, prohormones, and other supplements that increase testosterone. You don't just take it and wake up with massive muscles. Testosterone is the main catalyst in muscle regeneration, and increasing your body's supply of it causes your muscles to repair more quickly. This speeds up time for someone who works out to increase muscle mass. What this also entails is a lot more hard work. To get the most out of it you have to work out much more often (I usually do 3-4 days a week, on a prohormone you get the maximum results if you work out every day, with no break between cycles) and much harder. You also have to consume a massive amount of calories to provide your body with enough nutrients to keep constant muscle growth. Eating 4000 good calories a day with a 3:2:1 carb:protein:fat ratio is very difficult and completely disgusting.

  3. Prohormones are very powerful supplements with anabolic effects that can totally modify the look of our body. And if we used it then it is a way to build our body in shape.